Other Digital Multi-FX Modeling Products

There are a wide variety of amp modeling and digital pre-amp products on the market today to choose from. A few well known ones are:

Fractal Audio Systems' Axe-Fx. This is the top of the line of digital amp modeling systems.
Boss series of COSM technologye based systems. Boss GT Central is a site you can go to for presets, programs, and user community for the of modeling pre-amp and multi-FX.
Line 6 - the latest POD technology based series. Line 6 support forums provide user-to-user support for all the Line 6 products.
Johnson's J-Station™ site is still alive! This is one of the original modeling units on the market. I reference it here for historical reasons. I think you can still download the latest firmware, connect with the J-Station user community, and download patches here. Download a J-Station Quick Reference Chart in Adobe Acrobat format. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free.
Behringer, known for their decent pro sound product on a budget line, carries the V-Amp™ and other modeling pre-amps, as well as their V-Tone™ and Virtube™ lines of modeling combo amplifier products.
Vox makes a couple of single 12AX7/ECC83 based modeling preamp and effects units: the ToneLab ST and the ToneLab LE. In addition, this modeling technology is used in their Valvetronix line of amplifiers.
The Power Engine 60 by Tech21 NYC is a solid state power amp and cabinet combination that has been used by some players with their modeling pre-amps with some success.
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